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Women in Games Italy is a non-profit organization, focused on improving diversity in the Italian video games industry. Our mission is to duplicate the number of female professional in the field in the next 10 years. 

The organization is involved in four main fields: promote the visibility of female professionals, inform young girls and students on the professional opportunities in the video games industry, build and empower the networking possibility and raise awareness on the actors of the gender diversity area. The organization is active all over Italy.
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🎄#MerryXmas! Buone Feste e Buon Natale da Women in Games 🇮🇹!
Il 2018 ci ha visto nascere, ma il prossimo anno sarà ancora più bello e ricco di novità!
Auguri! 🎄
#natale #christmas #womeningames #WIGJ #WIGIT #womeningamesitslia

Oggi siamo a Bari, per la giornata “#Videogames, Educazione e Alta Cultura” in Apulia Film Commission organizzata da Fabio Belsanti di PM Studios. Si parla di #Videogioco come opera interattiva dal valore culturale e artistico.
#womeningamesitalia #WIGJ #WIGIT


We’re looking for women who compose music for video games! Is that you or do you know women who are kicking ass at writing music for games? Get in touch at marie.dealessandri@futurenet.com. We’d love to talk to you!

Women in Games France launch esports incubator with @riotgames offering 4 months of training with a professional coach, 10 hours of coaching per week with help to integrate in mixed teams at the end of the program. Bravo! #womeninesports #LeagueOfLegends https://t.co/h5iMt91Iq8

Calling all esports presenters/ commentators! Do you have experience of playing or presenting #farcryarcade or #brawlhalla? We have a professional, paid gig for you next January 24th. Please Direct Message or comment for more details, if interested. #esportsjob #esportsjobs

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