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Women in Games Italy is a non-profit organization, focused on improving diversity in the Italian video games industry. Our mission is to duplicate the number of female professional in the field in the next 10 years. 

The organization is involved in four main fields: promote the visibility of female professionals, inform young girls and students on the professional opportunities in the video games industry, build and empower the networking possibility and raise awareness on the actors of the gender diversity area. The organization is active all over Italy.
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Pubblichiamo il video integrale dell’evento online “#WomeninGames: #diversità e #inclusione di genere nell’industria dei Videogiochi” di sabato 20 giugno. Grazie a tutte le professioniste e agli ascoltatori che ci hanno dedicato il loro tempo
@wigj https://t.co/ouvfl9LAzk


GMG’s U.S. summer camps are going ONLINE 👩‍💻 Make new friends, catch up with old friends, play games and ofc make a game of your own! 🎮🤩

Learn more https://t.co/YjqX1ydMex

Supported by @taketwo @PlayStation @NintendoAmerica @GooglePlay

Art by @bitmOO


Come si traduce il fenomeno del #blacklivesmatter nel settore del #gaming? Come possiamo valorizzare le #diversità? Ne parliamo sabato 20 giugno alle 15:00
Per partecipare: https://t.co/FE1z9NWmgC
#womeningames #wigit @wigj #diversità #inclusione #wmeningamesitalia

Why feminine design is the next frontier to more gender-inclusive video games https://t.co/T6PDOQbOLX via @mashable

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